Monday, March 6, 2006

The God of Petty Annoyances

by Suw on March 6, 2006

Somehow, just recently, I pissed off the God of Petty Annoyances, whom I think may also be the Patron Saint of Yappy Type Dogs. Regardless, he now appears to be taking things out on me.
Recent petty annoyances include:

  • Wearing the wrong socks with a pair of boots that have for years been very comfortable, resulting in large blisters on my heels
  • Said blisters becoming blood-blisters
  • T'Other's wifi not working on his PC, thus taking up several hours of Wednesday evening
  • Battery in my watch going
  • Heels becoming excruciatingly painful, blisters splitting
  • Wifi not working on my Tibook after an OSX update (suddenly starts working again for no good reason)
  • A cold, of the tickly-nose sneezey sort
  • Plasters that don't stick to your feet
  • Accidentally putting my black silk skirt through the washing machine (it's now dark grey)
  • My mobile phone's recently acquired habit of randomly turning the screen on for no good reason (bear in mind that a) it's bright enough to use as a torch and b) I use it as my alarm clock so it has to be out on my bedside cabinet overnight)
  • Failure to find anywhere half decent to live this weekend
  • The way that Sky decides that it's not receiving a satellite signal for any channel which might actually threaten to show anything I might actually want to watch
  • Twisting my ankle and having to strap it up for two days (prior to blister acquisition)
  • Running out of tissues for my cold just when I needed them most
  • My skin suddenly deciding that it was allergic to a moisturiser I've been using for years, coming up in a violent red rash instantaneously upon application, which not only hurt like hell but also required antihistamine to get rid of
  • Micropore tape that doesn't stick to your feet
  • Repeatedly having nasty dreams where people die (although I did have a dream about Neil Gaiman in a silk skirt, so it wasn't all bad)
  • T'Other having to go back to East Asshole Acton today *sigh*
  • Losing my favourite amber pendent (I'm sure it's in the house somewhere, but it came off the suede cord I wear it on, and I can't find where it went)

Can you tell I'm feeling a bit grumpy today?

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