Sunday, November 28, 2004

A few random things I meant to blog about

by Suw on November 28, 2004

Time has been short recently, for a variety of reasons, but finally a moment to blog.
Because of filming again on the weekend, i couldn't get to the Apple store opening on Saturday, but I did manage to get over that way on Monday, only to discover that it was full to overflowing. I really have this thing, this almost phobic dislike for shops that are that full, but I forced myself to go in and take at least a brief look round. Saw the new G5 iMac, which is just gorgeous. Looks far better in person than in pictures, if I'm honest.
The London Apple Store
I had hoped to get some new memory in my laptop at the Apple store, but it was not to be. As it happened, I was walking down New Oxford Street when I came across another Apple dealer, so popped into there to see how much some more memory would cost. Their prices were pretty good, and they could do it for me there and then, so I now have the grand total of 640mb RAM. I could get more, it's true, but this will suffice for now. Makes a big difference to how this tibook works, so I'm very happy.
Tuesday night I went to the Big Issue Film Festival screening because my mate Pete Devonald had written one of the films that made it through to the final. I have to say, most of the films that did were shite. Pete's was great, and not just because it was Pete's. Most of the stuff shown was worthy shit, with weak narratives, poor character arcs and tedious subject matter. It seems that subjects such as 'social issues' bring out the worst in most film makers. Pete's film, Beggar's Belief, was one of three that actually entertained as well as informed or communicated a message. The others were basically just wrist-slitting tedium.
Still always fun to sit about talking film with a bunch of like-minded scriptwriters. Makes me feel a little less like some weird, delusional nut.
Thursday night I was delighted to have dinner with Jimmy Wales, of Wikipedia fame. Really enjoyed talking with him – he has a fascinating perspective on a lot of things, not least of all wikis. Joi has been urging me to get more involved with the Welsh Wicipedia venture, and Jimmy's completed my conversion, so gonna try to find some spare moments to do stuff with it if I can.
So, this is my first weekend at 'home' in four weeks, and on Monday Svetlana and her boyfriend return from their holiday. I have to admit, I'm a bit sad – I've sort of settled in here rather nicely and have enjoyed my own space. I'll be staying in London til Christmas, then back to Dorset for the festive season, then back here for January at least.
Part of me is actually rather enjoying my current nomadic, rootless existence. I've been a bit all over the place this year, particularly the last few months, and yet somehow it seems more of a blessing than a curse. Maybe that's because of the contrast between the last few months and the last three years, much of which I spent stuck on my own in a maisonette in Reading with my nose plastered against my monitor. This current situation is infinitely better.

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