Thank you, AccordionGuy!

by Suw on November 16, 2004

A while back Joey de Villa, aka AccordionGuy, asked me if I would like to be the proud owner of a Shaun of the Dead trucker's cap. Obviously I refused, having no interest in the film or the film makers or in owning a truckers cap at all whatsoever. Joey was, however, extraordinarily persistant and I crumbled in the face of his continual nagging.
As luck would have it, only a couple of weeks ago Tom nothisrealname Reynolds went over to Accordion City to take part in Joey's joint birthday and engagement to the lovely Wendy party. Whilst there, Joey pressed the trucker cap urgently into Tom's hand, forcing him to stash it in his luggage, smuggle it through Customs – who come down harshly upon anyone caught bringing zombie-related materials in to the UK – and pass it on to me.
I saw Tom on Saturday, at which time he nailed the aforementioned cap to my head, refusing to let me take it off at any juncture. Thusly coerced and littler than he is, I was forced to wear said cap much against my will and suffered great anxiety, trauma and anguish. There are photos, but they are at this precise point in time stuck on John's camera, so we'll all have to wait for titillating pics of a Suw in utmost distress.
Anyway, multitudinous thanks to Joey and Tom. You've made me even more of a fanboy than I was before, a feat I never thought possible. I shall be forever grateful. Or at least until next Thursday.

Anonymous November 16, 2004 at 5:53 pm

You realize that you'll have to pose pictures now. I suggest a photo album: “A Day in the Life of Suw and the Trucker Cap”.

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