"This movie is to climate science as Frankenstein is to heart transplant surgery."

by Suw on July 31, 2004

Quite possibly the best review of The Day After Tomorrow that I have read so far. Via Kottke.

Anonymous August 2, 2004 at 4:09 pm

You're correct, Suw. The review wins hands down.
(Personally, I was very disappointed that no one had to resort to cannabilism to survive.)
At that same time, don't forget that the US is currently ruled by a cross between the Taliban and the Flat Earth Society, which has deemed that Global Warming officially doesn't exist (lest is inconvenience their oil profits). The Day After Tomorrow is in many cases the first and only “acknowledgement” of Global Warming that Americans have encountered, they are so insulated by the tabloid, for-hire media industry here.
The movie reminded me of the “Blood Flows Red on the Highways” driving instruction films from high school, and the black lung movies shown to traumatized primary students in anti-smoking campaigns. It is frothy and sensationalistic–but in a political climate where science is supressed and replaced by ideology, if it functions to create a public awareness of Global Warning that gets past government censorship or generates a public debate, I applaud the movie.

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