Monday, July 26, 2004

I am delighted to announce that I have been invited by Hylton Jolliffe and Stowe Boyd to join Corante's growing staff of writers and journalists. My new blog is called Strange Attractor and I'm going to be writing about blogs, social tools, e-learning, storytelling, journalism and anything else bloggish that rattles my cage.
Corante is home to some really cool writers, including David Weinberger, (whose Joho The Blog was one of the very first that I discovered), Clay Shirky, Elizabeth Lane Lawley and Mark Cabiling.
So, what does this mean for Chocolate and Vodka? Just that I shall post less often here about the topics that I will cover on Strange Attractor, instead making CnV a bit more personal. There will always be stuff that I want to blog about that just isn't appropriate for Corante and that is what you will find here – the random goodness that won't fit in on Strange Attractor.
But overall, you will get more Suw for your pound, as I'll need to produce more content for two blogs than for one, so I think you'll be happy with the changes. I certainly am! I relish the challenge of getting my teeth into the blogosphere in a way that I haven't had the opportunity to before. Strange Attractor fits in just perfectly with the other stuff that I'm doing at the moment – Stowe and Hylton have great timing!
So, become a Strange Attractor early adopter – sign up to the RSS feed (available in flavours 1.0 or 2.0) today and watch as I sort through the chaos of the blogosphere like a small, flittery butterfly winging complex patterns in the face of the hurricane.
Should be fun.

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