Sunday, July 18, 2004

Wrong end of the learning curve

by Suw on July 18, 2004

Just had another Python lesson with Sean in which I think the key thing learnt was 'For god's sakes, revise!'. We did a lot of stuff we've already done with regexps, and I had almost totally forgotten all the metacharacters and stuff. Gah. It's frustrating, thinking 'I know this… I know this… I knew this…' and totally not being able to recall it at all. Sometimes I think I'm more of a bot that SuwBot is because all I seem capable of doing is just whatever Sean tells me. I mean, at least SuwBot has an excuse for total lack of original thought – she's a bot!
Still, editing up my notes to go on the wiki should help as a form of revision, although I can still see a long climb up the learning curve ahead of me. Looks like I'll be needing that new set of mental crampons and an icepick after all, then.

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