Pointless things you didn't need to know

by Suw on July 24, 2003

Pizza's not the same when the topping has slid off one side.
Paramount's scheduling of M*A*S*H sucks arse.
I'm up to 63 pages.
The plot to Donnie Darko is oxymoronic. Or possibly tautalogical. I'm not sure which yet.
Wat dacht u van korter werken en meer verdienen loesje.
It's impossible to lick your own elbow.
Finger crossed, all things being equal and barring disasters with the projector, I should be seeing The Matrix: Reloaded next week.
If anything should occur to prevent me from seeing said film at the allotted time, heads will roll. And they won't be mine.
I'm off to Dorset tomorrow. May blog. May not. Depends.

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