Half a map is better than… oh, wait, no it's not…

by Suw on July 17, 2003

I was looking today for information on the London Underground, specifically, good hard statistics that might be useful to someone thinking about potential solutions to the perennial issue of the whole system heating up to near boiling point every time the outside temperature rises above 5. Kelvin.

Instead I found a fragment of a rather amusing spoof underground map, which featured in the book Have I got 1997 for you, which is apparently (and unsurprisingly) now out of print. Being a law abiding and responsible citizen aware of the issue of intellectual property rights, the web site owner has posted only a teaser, but as I'm a maverick mp3 downloading cyberpunk who spits in the face of intellectual property rights (unless they're mine, of course), I want to see the whole damn thing. So if anyone out there knows the whereabouts of a full copy, please let me know.

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