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by Suw on July 12, 2003

I downloaded Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000 yesterday. The demo version is fully functional, except when it runs out you can only save one script to another format. I can't afford to buy the full version, so I will have to make do with this whilst I can. It's pretty good, I think. Easy to use, sorts out all the formatting automatically as you type – which is a major boon as script formatting is apparently a major thing – and when you cut and paste from Word it autoformats the text for you. Bargain!

So, I've started writing my script. I'm not going to tell you what it's about until it's all done, but so far, I've written six pages. I've done more today whilst I was on the train (actually, I'm writing this on the train too, using my resurrected Velo) so it will be fun to copy and paste that in and see how the page count goes. (Update: I’m up to 11 pages now! Wow! That’s like almost a tenth of the way through!)

As with my visitor stats, I obsess about page counts when I'm writing. I don't know if this is healthy or not, but I can't help it. A screen play should be 90 to 120 pages long, so at the rate I type and bearing in mind that the formatting results in hardly any words per page compared to a novel, I should be able to bang out a first draft within 20 hours. If I do an hour a day every day I should be done well within a month.

LMAO. Yeah, right. I know how these things work. I know how easy it is to put projects on hold 'just today' and suddenly discover that six months have passed and you've not written a single word. Still, blogging about it should provide some sort of motivation to keep going, because at the very least I will not want to eventually have to confess that I bailed and didn't finish it.

I could really do with a full, legit copy of this software though. So if you would like to contribute to my life, drop me an email. I take PayPal.

A visitor December 31, 2003 at 3:56 am

yea.. i'm just starting outta the blue wrighting a script cause i got this idea for a movie.. i've been toying with it for a coupple of years now and i don't know where to start . if you could be of any help or direct me to another source of insight it would be greatly appreciated. good luck with you script, i hope it gets done within you time slot. thankx much.
Mary T.

Mary T. []

Suw December 31, 2003 at 2:47 pm


After your comment, I decided to post on my blog a sort of into to script writing, which I hope you might find useful.

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