A visitation

by Suw on July 8, 2003

It seems that Chocolate and Vodka has possibly had an illustrious (for an as yet unspecified value of ?illustrious?) visitor – one Read Mercer Schuchardt, the author of one of the essays in Taking the Red Pill which I slated a while back without ever having actually read it. I know Schuchardt popped by because he emailed me with the url of his web site, Cleave, which leads eventually also to Metaphilm (which includes that Matrix essay) and Remediator. This guy has more urls than I do! (Hm, actually, no he doesn’t, I just don’t advertise all of mine.)

Anyway, I had a look, particularly at That Essay. Well, I felt it was only polite to considering that he had taken the trouble to email me and bring these sites to my attention. But to be honest, I found them all to be pretty much just like the speech made by The Architect in Reloaded. The first time round it seems all terribly deep and meaningful and packed with philosophical depth and requiring some serious consideration and thought. After further scrutiny, it seems more like a fart in a jacuzzi. Not that I mean to floccinaucinihilipilificate, but I still can’t quite take seriously the idea that The Matrix is some Really New Judeo-Christian Testament. It just doesn’t wash.

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