Normal service almost resumed…

by Suw on July 6, 2003

I’m down in Dorset at the moment, recuperating from whatever it was I had last week. I make a pretty bad patient usually – I hate sitting about and doing nothing, it feels like a violation of my inalienable right to be Doing Something. This time round, though, I think I’d exhausted myself so comprehensively before I got ill that it almost came as a relief to have a good excuse to lay about and sleep a lot. So that’s what I’ve done. I’ve managed to keep two meals down since Tuesday (well, since Monday really as I hadn’t eaten on Tuesday prior to the meal the bounced), and I’m starting to feel more human again.

Been having lots of thoughts over the last few days. About life, the business, my future, and how all mixes together into one great big mish mash. I’ve been putting a lot of things off over the last 18 months (not just holidays), waiting for the day to come when I would have less work to do and could start spending more time on other projects. I’m not going to wait any longer, I’m going to just get on with it. I have so much in my head that’s just crying to get out – my novel, my book on languages, some screenplays. All of it has remained mainly buried under the weight of designing web shops, writing worksheets and trying to get the business off the ground.

Obviously the business has to remain a priority, but I’m not going to keep killing myself over it. Regular seven hour days from now on, and no guilt if I actually finish work at five, instead of seven. I have to just make time to do the things that I love doing. It’s a no brainer really, but it’s so pointless waiting for the time to be ?right? because it never will be. I’m a good writer, I know that, and it’s time I started allowing myself to get better at it by doing more of it.

Funny, really, what six solid hours of vomiting can do for you.

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