Monday, December 20, 2010

For 2011

by Suw on December 20, 2010

My friend Terence Eden wrote a blog post at the end of November about his goals for 2011. I’ve never really been one for resolutions, knowing how easy they are to break, but goals I can get behind. My goal for 2011 is really very simple:

Finish your open projects before you start any new ones.

I’m a terror for starting things and then never quite finishing them, but where this year was a year for some pretty significant beginnings, next year will include at least one pretty significant ending, and some smaller but equally satisfying ones.

And just to keep me honest, I’m going to list my currently open projects (not including work), and then I’ll tick them off here as I complete them.


  • Argleton – Obviously! Eta is hopefully January.
  • The Prequel to the Books of Hay – I’ve been thinking a lot about this whilst I’ve been doing the more mechanical aspects of Argleton, and it’s going to be the first writing project I take on when Argleton is done. Really do need a snappier name for it though.
  • The Books of Hay – I was some 30,000 words into this when  Argleton struck, so once the prequel’s done and dusted, this will be next.


  • Black crocheted cardigan – black yarn is a bit of a bugger to work with during the dark winter months, so this will probably be brought out again in spring
  • Crocheted tablecloth – bit of a wonky experimental thing this, but it’s nearly done.
  • Nuptial cushions – there was quite a bit of ivory dupion and red satin and velvet left over from my wedding dress, so I decided to make some cushions out of them! They are almost done – I just need to finish sewing them together, put in the zips and then buy some cushion fillers.
  • Jewellery – now i’m not actively making jewellery anymore, I really need to decide what to do with the stuff I have kicking about, and all the findings and beads that I’m not using. Will have to think about that.
  • Mend throw – I have a glorious chenille throw that was a wedding present. Sadly, it was very poorly hemmed when it was made, and now it needs fixing.
  • Hatboxes – I couldn’t add this to the list when I was writing it, as it would have given away what Kevin’s Christmas present was! I made him a hatbox for his topper, and bought enough materials to do at least one more for his porkpie, and possible enough for one for my bowler.


  • Clear out boxes – Kev and I moved 18 months ago, and still have lots of boxes that remain packed. Some of them merely have a thin layer of crud in the bottom that just needs sorting and throwing out, so it shouldn’t take long to do. Just a matter of actually doing it.
  • Recycle clothes – Some are clean and ready for the charity shop, some are too worn out to reuse and need to be recycled.
  • Find home for unwanted computer – says it all really. It just need preparing for its new owner.

Some of these have been going on for a while, and it’s about time they were wrapped up! I promise I will report back as I finish each one off.

UPDATE 2/1/11: Added a few more things that I just remembered, or couldn’t put on before Christmas.

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