Friday, February 23, 2007

The ex-ex-mole scar

by Suw on February 23, 2007

For those of you interested, the wound is healing very well indeed. My doctor did a good job, and it's a very neat scar. It's still a bit painful at times, when I reach too far, or when I bump it, or my jacket pulls tight over it, but I really can't complain now. I can about sleep on it, which is good because I usually sleep on my left side, but sometimes it does still ache.
A few days after the opp
New improved scar
New improved scar
Funnily, I'm really not that fussed about the dent in my arm or the scar. I'm replacing the steristrips weekly to take the strain off my skin so that the scar doesn't widen like the other one was starting too. Whilst I don't mind a dent or a nice, thin line, I'm not so keen on a big red stripe! Apparently it takes six weeks for scars to regain 80% of the strength of normal skin, so I'm trying not to use it as much as I normally do, but of course, being left handed it's always this arm that automatically reaches for stuff.
Overall, though, I feel lucky, really. There are people grappling with far worse – we caught a dodgy mole before it turned bad, and I'd rather have a dent and a scar now than nastiness later.

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