Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Hallowe'en Frank

by Suw on October 31, 2006

After much consideration, discussion and changing of minds, this year Kev and I decided to try a Frank pumpkin. Frank, of course, being the big scary rabbit from Donnie Darko. Easier said than done because he doesn't exactly have a face that reduces easily to shades of light and dark. We also had problems with an overripe pumpkin which managed to be both squishier and thicker-walled than we would have liked. The carving was a wee bit rushed, and lack of good pumpkin carving tools does sort of limit one's finesse, but still… it's a jack o'lantern. We will have to refine this design for next year. And get some better cutting implements.

Frank, the Donnie Darko Jack O' Lantern

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Bye bye Blackberry, Blackberry bye bye

by Suw on October 31, 2006

So that's it. My fling with the Blackberry Pearl is over. It has been sent back to T-Mobile, from whence it came.

I tried to buy a Nokia E61 instead, on the same Web 'n Walk plan, but T-Mobile has taken against me quite severely, telling me first that “because of your credit status we are unable to offer you a pay monthly phone”, and then when I tried again, “We're sorry but we're currently unable to
place your order, as your credit status prevents us offering you an
additional line on your account.”

Bullshit. My credit rating hasn't taken a dive in the last week, and no, thank you very much, I don't want to buy a copy of my credit report directly from the credit reporting company. This is more about T-Mobile's stupid system wherein you can't keep an account but change the phone, you have to cancel the account and then buy a new one with a different phone.

This is the most appalling customer service. First, they missell me the phone, now they are refusing to sell me the phone I actually want.

I'm tempted to just stay with Orange, but to be honest, the T-Mobile plan is a lot cheaper than the Orange one, and Orange don't seem to have the same range of phones. Luckily, my Treo seems to have magically healed itself (for the most part), so I wonder if the wig-out was due to water in the works rather than anything intrinsically wrong with it. Although the slowly growing yellow wiggly squiggle on the screen remains so it is definitely still on its way out.

This will all get sorted out eventually, but only the little fishes know when. Meantime, use the old phone number if you're going to call me because the 'new' one no longer works.

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