Saturday, October 28, 2006

When boyfriends break things

by Suw on October 28, 2006

You may have noticed a sudden slew of old posts being republished here, all of which have now been deleted. You may be wondering wtf that was all about.

It's ok. It was just Kevin playing with my Treo – he hit 'Sync All' in mo:Blog, thus causing it to republish a whole bunch of stuff I wrote last year.

Special apologies to William Meloney who left a very nice comment on the reposted version of this post, The Connected Life from May last year, which has sadly now been deleted. William, I can respost it to the old post if you like – I still have it on email. Just let me know.

As for Kevin, well, it's lovely to have a boyfriend who is both curious and technically inept. It provides me with hours and hours of fun. I'm just not going to mention either the Sony Minidisc or the iPod here. No sireee. Not once.

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