Please don't try to call me – my mobile's dead

by Suw on October 11, 2006

Bit of a general notice, this one. My Treo has no officially died, barring some sort of miraculous resurrection when I get home, which I doubt is going to happen. I now have no phone at all, so if you need me, you're going to have to email.
I knew that the Treo was on its way out – it had developed a yellow squiggle on the screen which was progressively worsening and looked as if there were some worm wiggling its way through the liquid crystal. For a while it's been only selectively announcing texts, and sometimes decided not to bother with more than one ring when people called. I've been told the mic was giving up too because frequently people would not be able to hear me.
Then, just now, it started totally freaking out – making gurgling 'boing' noises, flicking madly between apps, and randomly sending gobbledegook texts to people. (Sorry, Kate! I'll email in response instead.) It then threatened to phone Jane McGonigal in the US, at which point I tried a soft-reset. It's now flatlined, and I doubt that a hard reset will help.
Now, when some people I know make noises about needing a new phone or laptop, manufacturers send them things to play with. I'd just like to make it perfectly clear that if I have any phone manufacturers reading, I should be delighted to do a thorough and (brutally) honest review of your product. Just get in touch.
Meantime, I doubt I'll have a phone now til Saturday at the earliest.

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