Friday, August 25, 2006

Don't sleep… not yet…

by Suw on August 25, 2006

Desperately trying to stay awake for another hour until I can legitimately go to sleep. Flight to San Francisco was a bit bumpy but nothing bad. Loads of children sitting near me, but all of them quiet as church mice. So quiet, in fact, that I felt like going up to their mothers and congratulating them on their children's good behaviour. Bit of a contrast to the flight back from Bologna during which a small child screamed at the top of its lungs the whole way, whilst the mother did nothing.
The travel restrictions aren't causing as much hassle* now as they have (or as the media have been saying they have). I hadn't realised it, but I got quite stressed about this trip, more so than normal. Partly, it's worry not about terrorists, but about someone doing something stupid and causing a delay or cancellation. Partly, it's being apart from Kevin for so long. I don't want to come over all soppy, but I hate being apart from him.
But I'm here now, which is good. Staying with my friend Danny for a while, and then my friend Maciej. It's good to be back in San Francisco, although because I'm staying somewhere that's a little new to me, there's an odd mix of the familiar and the strange which makes me feel a little dislocated. Of course, the jetlag doesn't help either. I am really fighting to stay awake for another hour. I have Secret Agent SomaFM – Kevin and my favourite online radio station – but it's a bit too loungy at the moment, and that's more lulling me into a sense of exhaustion, rather than perking me up and making me feel bright and awake. Hm, maybe I should listen to XFM instead.
Maybe I'll chuck some more holiday pictures up on Flickr whilst I'm whiling away the hour.

Is it bedtime yet?
*The biggest hassle is not being able to take liquids on the plane. You just have to sit there and dehydrate instead.

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