Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gi's cash! ORG now taking donations

by Suw on January 17, 2006

The Open Rights Group pledge finally matured on Christmas day, and now we're proud to announce that the supporters' database is up and running and you can officially now give us cash! We've had a surge of donations since the email went out to pledge signatories, so please do join the stampede and let us have your fiver a month.
We have two levels of support: normal is £5 per month, or £60 per year; and concession is £30 per year. You can pay by cheque, credit/debit cards via PayPal, or standing order – we'll even create your own personalised standing order form which you can either send to us or use to set up your standing order via your own online banking system.
The first 1000 people to give us actual cold hard cash will be given a special status, that of 'Founding 1000', which basically means that we will give you special treats as soon as we've figured out what those special treats are. In the meantime, you get a warm rosy glow of satisfaction (batteries not included).
If you can't donate, then please help us by spreading the word and blogging about ORG. We also have, for your delectation and delight, a wiki and a discussion list where you can join in the flame wars fun.

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