Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Back to the beginning

by Suw on January 10, 2006

When I first started reading blogs, I only read a few. A handful. Then I found through those few blogs a whole host of others. More and more and more. Wonderful, intelligent, amusing, interesting… A world of fascination.
Then I got work.
Now I hardly have time to read all the blogs that are in my reader. Don't even have time to thin them out by chucking out all the ones I don't read anymore. Instead, I've just reorganised a little. And I've gone back to just reading the few that I started off reading, with maybe a couple of additions, four years ago. There are about ten, in fact, that I am reading on a daily basis. Well, nine and a half, because Coatse writes too much for me to keep up so I dip in to his as and when I'm feeling brave.
Just reading a few blogs regularly is starting to hook me back into the blogosphere though. I am starting to feel like this is my medium again, rather than a medium that, basically, pwnd me.
The other thing I've done is remove my blogroll. It was way out of date, didn't reflect reality at all, so it had to go. I may do a new one in due course, but I think it needs a holiday for now.
So do I, mind you, despite the fact that today is just my second day back at work. The last three weeks doesn't much feel like the holiday it was supposed to be. I forced myself to take a week off completely, and that turned out to be a strange sort of hard work all by itself.
So yes, there's it all explained. Back to first principles and hope for the best.

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