Thursday, December 8, 2005

The sorting that evens things out

by Suw on December 8, 2005

Still insanely busy, as you may have surmised. Keep hoping it will calm down, but every quiet day is ruined by a crisis. I have so much unread and pending email I don't know where to start. Paris was fun, but not relaxing (more on Paris if I ever get the chance to sit and write anything).
I need time off, because I'm so tired that I'm ineffective. I need to kick back and do some serious meditation. I need to do the sorting that evens things out, to quote whichever of the Daoist masters said that.
I always joke that I'm a crap Daoist, but that that's ok because Daoism allows you to be crap. But when I start to feel swamped like this, Daoism saves my bacon because it's now, when I most need to, that I can fall back on the main principles of Daoism and save my brain from frying. Instead of getting all wound up, it's time to just get into the flow of it and allow myself to be swept along. At a time when everything is equally urgent, do the things you can do. You can't do the things you can't do. It's plain and simple really.
Also, sleep helps.

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