by Suw on November 21, 2005

And no, I don't mean the pretty-boy chick-stealing Trojan but the great and beautiful capital of France, where I shall be for Les Blogs 2, where I am going to be telling Marc Canter and Hugh McLeod to shut the fuck up so that Anina can get a word in edgeways to talk about socialising in the year 2055. Some call it moderating, but I prefer to think of it as an opportunity to practice my golf swing.
If you're in France and you want to come to lunch on Sunday 4 December, let me know. No idea yet where, but it'll be somewhere near wherever it is that Les Blogs is at.

Anonymous November 21, 2005 at 12:18 pm

Paris makes me go all wobbly. I have much enjoyed reading this blog. How do I get rich and popular like you?

Anonymous November 21, 2005 at 3:01 pm

Can't be there, dammit. Oliver Thylmann has been badgering me about it. Well, maybe not badgering, something a bit gentler..rabbiting, maybe? Yes, he's been rabbiting on about it, but right now, 200 Euros is a bit much to cough up.
Say Hi if you meet him.

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