Monday, November 7, 2005

The trouble with favourites

by Suw on November 7, 2005

The thing about having favourite things is that you face a dilemma. Either you put your favourite thing somewhere safe so that nothing ever damages it and it can't get lost, or you use it all the time so that you can delight in whatever it is that makes it your favourite particular thing but risk perhaps damage or loss. The more you use something, the more likely it is that it will get damaged or lost.
I believe that there's little point having a favourite thing if you closet it away and never use it. I had a pair of trousers like that. Expensive and pretty and I never wore them in case I ruined them and soon I became pathologically incapable of wearing them at all. Hardly worth the money.
So these days I use my favourite things. But then I end up losing them. Particularly amber earrings, it seems. I love amber, and I wear my amber jewellery every day, but yeserday I lost an earring.
I guess that's how it goes. Delight in it and lose it to the big wild world one day, or hide it away and lose it to yourself immediately.

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