Not all things that are lost stay lost

by Suw on November 15, 2005

I found my favourite earring. There's a lesson in there somewhere, I'm sure, although it's probably less about the nature of possession and more about things you shouldn't do whilst wearing earrings.
Funny how a delay on the train when I have my Treo and a blog post to write isn't as bad as when I don't.
Things are really good at the moment, quite exceedingly so, and I'm mainly spending my time being obnoxiously happy, despite once more having more work than I can comfortably do in a mere 35 hours each week. I feel like I have a lost sight of the blog a little though, so I can only beg your forgiveness if that's truly the case. I hardly read any blogs at all now, which is ironic considering what I spend a lot of my time doing.
(For those of you who worry about me overworking, the reason I have been rather quiet of late is that I have spent the last three weekends in a place where my laptop isn't. Sometimes, ya gotta switch off, and these days I have good reason to.)
ORG is coming up to a sort of crescendo, with the pledge soon to top out. Frantically trying to get everything ready in time, which is a challenge but I think we'll make it. Keep an eye out for news on the ORG blog (the blorg?) of the event we're planning for the end of the month.
In a complete non sequiteur, I now have shelves (thanks brov!) so I have all my books nicely unpacked and neatly displayed. Well, I say 'all' but I brought such a tiny fraction of the books I own that 'all' is a gross misrepresentation. It pleases me very much, though, to finally have some books around me. I hardly have time to glance at them, let alone read them at the moment, but I have every intention of making at least a dent on them at Christmas. Not literally, obviously. That would be wilful vandalism.
So I have 20 minutes to wait for the next train, and am starting to feel that this post is just so much more about keeping me from being bored than about being entertaining or insightful or interesting for you. But then, I tell other people off for assuming that the most important thing about blogging is the reader when in fact it's the writer, so I'm just eating my own dogfood. (Assuming that the readers are the most important thing creates a sense of 'audience' which then wrongly encourages the broadcast mindset by compounding the false dichotomy and furthermore it devalues blogs with small readerships when the value there is inherent in the meaning to the participants, not to uninvolved onlookers.)
Wow, my bum is cold. Why can't they make benches at train stations out of something warm? Metal benches may be durable but they suck the heat out of you like a fruitarian vampire bat sucks the orange from an ice lolly.
10 minutes.
So, I was thinking the other day that horoscopes are just like weather reports: they are fun to read but are forgotten as soon as you finish; I only read them when I am expecting bad news but wish there were good; and they are usually a load of bollocks.
On the train now.
Bum beginning to thaw.
Mind now blank. Surely there must be something more to prattle on about? Oh well. Consider it a lucky escape.

Anonymous November 16, 2005 at 12:24 am

Suw wrote:> “I tell other people off for assuming that the most important thing about blogging is the reader when in fact it's the writer.”
I often say this: Sometimes people write to teach and explain. Other times they write in order to understand. Blogs written with the latter purpose have a different feel from blogs written with the former. Deciding which you want is one of the first points on the decision tree for establishing your blog.
An interesting quaere regarding blogs is whether having at least *some* audience a sine quo non for a blogger. Otherwise wouldn't she be merely a diarist?
And you Suw … when you blog, just how conscious *are* you of your audience? Or for that matter, when you *don't* blog how conscious of them? Does having an audience affect your day life?

Anonymous November 16, 2005 at 5:29 am

Jupiter's passed through Orion,
And come into conjunction with Mars.
Saturn is wheeling through infinite space,
To its pre-ordained place in the stars.
And I gaze at the planets in wonder,
At the trouble and time they expend.
All to warn me to be careful,
In dealings involving a friend!
Flanders and Swann

Anonymous November 16, 2005 at 7:45 am

Another thing that is lost but doesn't stay lost is my missing socks. The missing sock stays lost until I throw away its partner, then it immediately turns up. I have theorised that the missing sock is actually travelling forward in time to the point where it causes the most inconvenience, in accordance with the laws of conservation of reality.

Anonymous November 16, 2005 at 2:58 pm

The trackbacks are degenerating again. “trannie porn”. Disgraceful. Obviously written by people who don't know their NPNs from their PNPs, and absolutely no mention of FETs!!

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