So much to blog… so little energy to blog with

by Suw on October 28, 2005

Friday night. The rest of the world is probably out on the lash, but I'd rather curl up on a sofa somewhere and chill. No sofa there though. Dammit.
Got away lightly with the jetlag, I think. It got lost in the general feelings of exhaustion. Not helped by to few early nights and too many early mornings. I kept saying 'must get an early night tonight' only to discover myself still up at midnight.
Early night tonight.
After I've blogged.
I have too much to blog, but some of it will get lost in the haze of the last $arbitrary_number $arbitrary_time_period.
I also owe people emails. If you are one of those people, I apologise. If actually have had an email from me recently, well done, because the odds are about the same as the National Lottery.
If this post seems a bit disjointed, it's only fairly and accurately representing my state of mind at the moment. I keep forgetting things. I woke the other night, in the darkness, in a panic because I didn't know where I was. Or who I was. At all. I lay there for what seemed like ages struggling to remember anything. A name. Anything.
Strangely, I remembered exactly where the light switch was, and as soon as I could see my surroundings it all came flooding back. Along with an 'oh bugger'. Can't win 'em all.
Early night tonight.

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