Monday, October 17, 2005

BlogOn 2005

by Suw on October 17, 2005

Ok, so I'm here at the Copa Copacabana, MC-ing the BlogOn 2005 Social Media Summit. I managed to get through my introduction without falling on my arse, freezing or swearing, so I am pretty happy that it's all going well here. Didn't feel at all nervous until I was actually there, ready to go on the stage, and then the dreaded iron-cold fist of fear gripped my belly.
Er, well, maybe not. I did get a few butterflies, but not as bad as orating at Speaker's Corner which routinely scares the crap out of me.
Really enjoying the conference, though. If you want, you can get into it all via the webcast or the IRC channel (freenode – #blogon).
I'm not taking a single note about any of the speakers, which is really weird for me because usually I am all over the collaborative note taking stuff, but I just have too much else to think about to even begin to try taking notes. I'm going to have to rely on someone else to do so.

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