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by Suw on June 18, 2005

Well, Friday night, and just got back from seeing Batman Begins and whooeee, it's great! Christian Bale is surprisingly good as Bruce Wayne, and Michael Caine does a good turn as butler Alfred. It's got the darker edge that Batman really needs to succeed these days, and manages to avoid being camp. And a nice line in wry humour too. Too tired right now to do a proper review, but you should go see it. Even if you hated past Batman films, see this one because it kicks ass.
Anyway, all is well here. Staying with my friend Maciej in the Castro, which is a very different area of San Francisco than Adam's place. This is much more in the middle of the city, more vibrant and, well, noisy. Got bugger all sleep the first night but we moved the futon into the back room and that's much better.
Meetings have been going well, and are all done now until I get to New York next week. A weekend off now, and then Supernova starts on Monday.
Can't believe how fast this trip is going. Friday already. All going too fast. I really like San Francisco, it's got a really European feel to it. I feel like I've settled in nicely now – I pretty much know the public transport I need to know, and I'm sorta getting used to the money. Nearly. Actually, the money sucks – the notes all look the same and the coins are all weird sizes. But I still feel like this is a place I could quiet happily live.
Of course, if I did move here, I'm sure I'd be yearning for Europe within seconds, so I guess simple visits will be best for the foreseeable future.

Anonymous June 18, 2005 at 1:30 pm

It kicks ass, Suw? Hell, you've only been there a week and you're already talking like a native! :-))

Anonymous June 18, 2005 at 2:44 pm

Oh, gosh, you're right. I meant to say 'kicks arse'.

Anonymous June 18, 2005 at 3:12 pm

The money is the sort of thing you figure out after a while – feel of the coins, looking just at the corners of the bills, etc.
Trust me, if most of us came over to England, we'd have the same problem.
That said, there's a reason I rarely carry cash – hate fumbling with it, hate change jingling around my pockets, hate the possibility of stuff falling out of pockets. Give me a debit card, or give me death.

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