Thursday, June 9, 2005

Are we there yet?

by Suw on June 9, 2005

Oh, wait, I arrived yesterday. What am I talking about?
In my initial schedule, yesterday afternoon and today were down as chill-out time. In reality, I ended up in meetings talking about doing cool stuff with cool people. Said cool stuff will be very cool, but it also means my alleged spare time here in SF is now spoken for. Cool!
I am paying now for the sleep I had on the plane yesterday in the form of a macraméd shoulder. It really is sore.
Feels like midnight now, but it's only 9.30-ish. Can't get my head round the fact that people I expect to be awake on IM are now asleep, and people I expect to be asleep are now awake.
Am getting on very well with Nora, the cat I am looking after for the next few days. She and I are best buddies. Just don't tell Fflwff. (Who is, btw, suffering horribly from an abscess on the base of her tail. Poor thing. She has antibiotics and I am hoping she will get better whilst I am away.)
Saw the famous SF fog today. It's grey. And thick. Hoping for sun tomorrow.
To tired to think, but that's probably not so bad. Seem to have got away with the time zone change, although eating five meals in one day yesterday was… odd. Breakfast – lunch – tea – lunch – dinner. Plus snacks. No wonder I didn't feel hungry today.
More coherence tomorrow, with luck.

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