I just typo'd my name again

by Suw on June 13, 2005

OK, so most of you know that my weird spelling started off as a typo, about 10 years ago. I just typo'd it again, ending up with Duw. Which means 'God' in Welsh.
What can I say? Be careful what you do, I'm one letter away from omniscience.

Anonymous June 13, 2005 at 10:57 pm

Up until this moment I assumed that “Suw” was a Welsh way of spelling “Sue”. I am a peculiar combination of amused and disappointed. But I'll get over it. Right, now I'm only amused.

Anonymous June 14, 2005 at 7:07 am

And you are 12 letters away from “up your own arse”.

Anonymous June 19, 2005 at 12:08 am

Some friends of mine have taken to parodying “duw, duw”, but they seem to think it's spelled “dieu”. Mon dieu!

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