How awake am I?

by Suw on February 23, 2005

Very awake.
Very, very awake.
But that's ok, cos then I get to watch the latest A-ha video, er, I mean, the trailer for A Scanner Darkly, and way cool it is too. It uses the rotoscope technique to turn live action into animation, so what you see is an uncomfortable cross between reality and unreality – exactly what a Philip K Dick adaptation needs, if you ask me. The animation also allows things to happen that otherwise couldn't without having to create realistic CGI effects, but I think that's just icing. The reason it was used was to create discord and surrealistic feelings. You really want to see beneath the animation to the live action that you know is below it, but you can't, and at every turn you think that maybe it's going to turn live-action in a second, but it doesn't, and that makes you feel sort of itchy and frustrated. Or maybe that's the caffeine I've been ingesting all day. Either way, it's a great trailer and I can't wait to see the film.

Anonymous February 24, 2005 at 1:47 am

Since you are not tripping, but travelling, i respect your use of the time spectrum – i do it all the time, although I am a final year student.
Sadly I will start a job in September (first full-time!) and as such will have to follow a strict office hours policy (from 8am-6pm that is – damn The City).
Enjoy being freelance, I may try my hand at the same in future times.

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