by Suw on February 14, 2005

Went to see AFC Bournemouth play Oldham Athletic yesterday and, as you may have sensed already, we won 4-0.
The Cherries put the pressure on
My brother works for one of the club sponsors so we were in an executive suite this time round, which made a nice change from the last match I saw from the terraces when it was pissing with rain in a manner that would have Noah on the phone to the lumber yards, wondering how long it would take to knock up an ark and get it up to Windsor Safari Park.
The executive suite was very close to the half-way line, which made for a really good view. Tony usually sits in the north stand behind the goal and whilst that's good for getting a look at the action down your end of the pitch, it does foreshorten your view of everything. Sitting in the west stand meant we could see the play much better. The wind was really strong and you could see how much it was holding the ball up when it was hoofed up the pitch. You never would have noticed that from our usual vantage point. (I say 'our' but I only go when he has a spare ticket.)
For once, it has to be said that the ref required no additional education and, unlike the last game I blogged, his parentage was not in question. We even had a female linesman who was excellent, although the other, male one sucked a bit.
Also unlike last time, Bournemouth played pretty well. They were strong, decisive and they kept putting the pressure on Oldham, thus creating at least eight or ten goal attempts, four of which succeeded, and another three missed only through bad luck. They really went for it, playing a really enjoyable match.
I know bugger all about footie, but I do enjoy a match every now and again, and if it comes with a nice warm box (not that I sat in there) and padded seats on the terrace, then so much the better, frankly. I can, after all, cheer along with the rest of them and at least this time we had something to cheer about. Never seen the Cherries win before, so this was a treat.
Right, I guess that's my footie season over for another year.

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