Oh, the irony

by Suw on February 3, 2005

When I landed at Heathrow after an arse-chillingly cold few days in Boston, I went into the Body Shop and asked them for the most moisturising bath stuff they had. They recommended their Africa Spa Indulgent Bath and Shower Cream, so I bought some.
How ironic that after a week of using this stuff, my skin feels dryer and coarser than it did when the Boston cold was doing its very worst. I am now having to glue my skin back on with yacht varnish.

Anonymous February 11, 2005 at 12:14 am

(Loo is here again)
Suw, go to Lush. Shop on the web or come to Chichester and visit the Lush that I work in and we'll go have a coffee and a sgwrs 🙂 Then, buy Dreamwash and Dreamcream for your body and Aqua Marina cleanser and Celestial moisturiser for your face. That should sort you out a treat.
No, I don't get commission. I just want you to feel peachy!

Anonymous February 11, 2005 at 12:32 am

Loo, you are on! My friend Kate lives in Arundel, and I am going to try and go see her some time in March, I think, so we could easily meet up in Chichester for a coffee and a sgwrs. And spending some of my hard-earnt cash in Lush sounds like a great plan. I just don't pamper myself enough these days.
Actually, I am aiming to change that. I got a book a while ago about aromatherapy and have decided that I am going to investigate further and learn a) how to give a decent massage and b) how to teach crw how to give a decent massage. Because there is nothing more heavenly than falling asleep after a nice, lavendar-scented rub down.
Then all I'll need is to be on the same damn continent. :-/

Anonymous February 12, 2005 at 12:05 am

(Loo again) Hei Suw! You realise that I know a thing or two about reflexology and aromatherapy via osmosis from my mother who's taken courses in them. I'll definately give you some pointers…ooh, and how about a stimulating hand massage 😉
It'd be fantastic to see you again-you'll have to give me a date to keep free, my rota is erratic to say the least at the moment!
For the time being I suggest you track down a copy of the book 'The Fragrant Pharmacy'. It which describes pretty much everything you could ever do with essential oils-the history, a handy directory of oils, growing the relevent herbs if you can be bothered, cooking with oils (!) etc. An absolute must have. And I'm not being paid for this advertising.

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