Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The pros and cons of laptops

by Suw on September 14, 2004

Pro: Laptops allow you to while away the half hour wait before your next train – the last of which you missed by only a few seconds – by doing useful things such as writing blog posts and replying to emails.
Con: It distracts you from the fact that the train you thought was arriving at platform 4, the platform upon which you have a seat, is actually arriving on platform 5, which is over the footbridge.
Pro: Mac laptops allow you to put them to sleep temporarily by simply closing them, (no need to power down), which means you can almost instantaneously shut them and shove them in a bag.
Con: My legs felt all wobbly as I hurtled up the stairs.
Pro: Luckily I didn't go ass over tit on the way down the stairs. Caught the train by the same margin of error by which I missed the last one.
Con: It took me a good few minutes to catch my breath again. Sheesh, I am so, so unfit.

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