Today's job seeking chores

by Suw on September 15, 2003

OK, so I know this is as tedious for you as it is for me, but to document this job search publicly gives me a momentum I might otherwise not have. I'd hate for you to think I was sitting here on my arse having fun all day.

Today I have searched all the job web sites and phoned eight agencies, two of which promised to call me back and didn't. It may not sound like much, but it took me most of the day, barring the abortive attempt to go to the dentist. (They were expecting me at 11.40am, but for some reason had written 2pm on the reminder card. Clever. Will try again Thursday.)

So far, the attitude of the agents is far from encouraging. Trying to find a job in New Media, (is it even really 'new' anymore?), is a bit like trying to find Eldorado or Shangri La. As soon as you mention it to anyone, they start sniggering. Hopefully a job for me in New Media actually does exist, and with any luck it doesn't require hiking through Nepal or South American jungles to locate. Although frankly, I'm desperate enough at the moment to do either of those things, despite my normally sedentary life style.

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