SP2 moving on apace

by Suw on September 14, 2003

Just thought you'd like to know that I hit 57 pages today and have now converted everything I'd written in prose form, except for one scene which didn't fit in anyway. I'm sure much of it will be cut once I've finished the first draft but I suspect quite a lot – it's been an interesting experience to read through with more critical eyes what I wrote some ten months ago and realise that a lot of it was waffle that didn't progress the story at all.

Now I have to start writing new scenes and hopefully discover how my characters get from where they are now to where I want them to be at the end. Not sure if that's going to be easier, or harder, than writing the conversion.

One positive thing, though – I'm not feeling quite so dubious about it as I was. I think I've got through the worst bits and have come up with some ideas about how to fix some of the aspects I was starting not to like, so there's still hope it might turn out ok.

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