Oops. Wrong drug.

by Suw on September 11, 2003

I'm all for transparency in drug education. Honesty. Telling people the truth about drugs (warning: coke turns you into a twat!), rather than horror stories designed to scare them (warning: e will kill you!). Thus I'm happy to see real scientific studies into drugs to see what they really do, as opposed to people spouting off about what they think they do.

It doesn't really help the situation, though, when the scientist publish potentially scary results only to have to retract those results because they used the wrong drug in their study.

I'm really not sure how you can mix up speed with ecstasy, or why there were no checks in place to ensure that the drug they thought they were experimenting with actually was the drug they were experimenting with. I am even less sure about the morals of injecting either speed or e into squirrel monkeys and baboons, particularly when you consider that injection is a completely different delivery method than pills, which is how most people take e.

Good science is very good. Bad science is at best useless, at worst very damaging.

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