Fiddling with the gutter

by Suw on September 10, 2003

Just been fiddling with the blog gutter – now you can search through my entries for, well, whatever you fancy. Can't guarantee you'll find much though.

Also, you can browse my posts by category (although most of the earliest posts haven't been categorised at all), and more easily access the archives. I've tried to amalgamate some of my bookmark categories too, just to keep things as simple as possible. I had been trying to keep my gutter under control and not too long, but, well, never mind, I give up now.

Oh, and in case any of you have been wondering what that 'mailing list' option is – if you want an email to let you know when I've updated, then just shove your address in that wee box and hit the button with the arrows (not the one with the question mark). Handy for any of you that don't have time to check back randomly and don't use an aggregator.

I was going to look at the colour scheme, but I think I'll leave that for another day.

Right… back to the job hunting.

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