Mad world

by Suw on September 11, 2003

I still can't get over Gary Jules' verison of Tears for Fears' Mad World, used on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. It's strangely and hauntingly beautiful. How on earth anyone could then speed it up and put a dance beat behind it, and still be able to live with themselves afterwards, is beyond me.

There's a very, very good reason why I don't listen to Radio 1 unless forced, and it's because they play abominations like that and seem to think it's good.

A visitor December 8, 2003 at 7:40 pm

i listen to radio1 and they do play alot of crap but you should know that the BEAUTIFUL gary jules version is played alot.i have never heard r1 play a dance version but maybe they have.i'm sure its rubbish but i hate dance/trance “music” anyway. if any, let this track be #1 not the pop idol crap! K xx


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