Job seeker?s update

by Suw on September 10, 2003

I have spent almost all of today in the hunt for a new job. I’ve located a bunch of recruitment agencies in the Manchester area and started to phone them up and send them my CV. So far, I’ve located 14 agencies, and spoken/emailed CVs to eight of them. The rest I’ll do tomorrow.

Previous shows that the only way to get agents to find you a job is to hassle them continually and eventually they’ll place you, just to get you off their back. Course, to do this you need a name and a telephone number, which is why I really don’t like the agencies that won’t give you that kind of information on their web site. It’s like they’re trying to hide from the people that earn them their living.

Anyway, no job as yet, but at least I’m actually *doing* something, instead of sitting around thinking about doing something.

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