Where is the fast-forward button?

by Suw on September 5, 2003

I'm not having such a good day today. Feel a bit embattled and dispirited. Well, a lot, actually.

The ex-landlord’s being very difficult. I’ve just had two phone calls from people wanting to know why Get Fluent has closed. My chances of getting anything useful done this morning evaporated when it turned out my niece was in need of baby-sitting. She’s an adorable kid and I love her to bits, but one of the prices of being Favourite Aunt is that she sticks to me like glue. We’ve done jigsaws all morning. My work I'll have to try to do this afternoon.

I’ve also lately been plagued with? well, not nightmares, but just really stressful dreams. Last night’s scenario was that I was supposed to be catching a plane at 8.30am, but it was 6.30am and I still hadn’t packed or left the house. What with it taking hours to get from here (wherever ?here? happened to be) to Heathrow my chances of catching the plane decreased dramatically as the dream played out, and I just got more and more wound up. The same dream repeated at least three times that I can remember, each version with minor variations and none of them ending well.

I woke up feeling tired, stressed and cross, and although I no longer feel cross, per se, I still wish I could just crawl under a rock and forget about everything and everyone.

If I could fast-forward to tomorrow, maybe I'd feel better.

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