A job to apply for! (Maybe)

by Suw on September 4, 2003

Did my usual search of job web sites this morning and managed to find a job that I could possibly apply for. Rang the agency, just to check where it's based and to get a bit more info, but of course the guy I needed to talk to wasn't there and didn't phone me back. Pffft. I'll have to try again in the morning.

Tomorrow, I shall also post my CV up on the web on those job site places and will also be gathering a list of IT recruitment agencies in the Manchester area whom I can hassle for work. I am convinced that agencies find jobs for those that hassle them the most, just to get you off their backs, so I need to get into full hassling mode.

Hm, who can I practise on… Any volunteers?

My decision to aim for Manc received another boost today, when James, one of my old pals from years back, got in touch. He lives in Wakefield, which is hardly any distance at all from Manc. That increases the number of people I know up in that general direction to ten. And my mates in North Wales will also be more accessible – only a couple of hours away instead of six.

The more I think about this, the more Manchester seems like the way forward.

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