Up to speed

by Suw on August 30, 2003

Well, Friday morning was significantly less than fun. I prised myself out of bed at 6am, after two and a half hours sleep, and felt so shit after all of 15 mins that I went back to bed for an hour. Didn’t feel much better at 7.15am when I got up again, but by then my brother’s arrival was imminent and there was still mess everywhere.

Tony turned up at 8.30am, but the two guys who’d promised to help me out never showed. So my Brov and I just had to set to and sort it out ourselves. It took four hours to finish packing, load the van and clean up ready to leave. Periodically one of us would say ‘Well, we’re getting there’, and the other would reply ‘Yeah, you said that half an hour ago’.

Eventually, though, we did finish up. Only an hour and a half from Reading to my parents’ place, and surprisingly I didn’t fall asleep on the way home. Miracle!

Unpacked the van this end, filling the dining room to brimming with boxes and stuff. Then off out to The Old Inn, a particularly good pub in Holt which does serve the most gorgeous steak.

I think Mum was expecting me to be all morose and sad at the loss of my freedom, but I actually feel quite chipper. One very stressful period of my life is now over. And ok, so I have no job, no money and a debt mountain the size of Qomolangma, but somehow I still feel a lot better. The future is a blank slate upon which I can scribble what I wish. Once I figure out what that actually is, of course.

Anyway, Fflwff was pleased to see me and decided that the best welcome home present she could give me would be to sleep on my arm for much of the night. Not just next to it, but on it. Every time I tried to move it, she’d shift so that she was laying on it once more. I think she was hoping to hatch out some wrists.

Didn’t get up all that early this morning, oddly enough, but did spend all day doing battle with my darling computer. The modem was shagged, unfortunately, as was the CD-ROM. I new the CD drive was on its way out, and have known that for months, long before my motherboard gave up. The modem going, though, was a disappointment.

So, today I had to go out and buy a new CD/DVD drive and new modem. (Well, I say ‘I’, I really mean ‘Mum’. Kind, isn’t she? Course she’s just adding it to the tab…) Installed both with the minimum of pain, although my Spider-Man DVD is playing silly buggers with me.

Sorted my dial-up to a flat-rate package, got my speakers attached so I can listen to the Pirates soundtrack, and am now a relatively happy bunny. Course, I’ve still got a small mountain of boxes to sort out, either to stack in the eaves or unpack. But that can wait til tomorrow.

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