The Blogging Forecast for today

by Suw on August 28, 2003

Today, the Blogging Forecast is many short, pointless posts throughout the day, until NTL come and take my modem away late this afternoon, at which point blogging will cease. Blogging may be resumed Friday afternoon or evening, although the hiatus may persist into Saturday morning. Or afternoon. Or maybe Sunday. It all depends on a) whether I wake up at all on Saturday, b) whether my old modem will decide to work with my new motherboard (I haven't tested it yet, so it may decide to sulk instead) and c) er, make up your own c).

This Blogging Forecast was brought to you by the International Blogological Office, who accept absolutely no responsibility for anything at all ever. If you end up with a kitten up your nose, don't blame us.

A visitor August 28, 2003 at 12:54 pm

Ah, I see you decided to keep taking them! Good for you!

Chin up, it'll all be fine in the end. There's always TEFL!! (I was looking at it today with a “Hmmm….” expression…


Suw August 28, 2003 at 1:22 pm

Yeah baby! The drugs do work!

Bring me sunshine
In your smile
Bring me laughter
All the while

Dum dum da da-dee dum, dumpty dumpty dum-di-dum
Dum dum da da-dee dum, dumpty da-di-dumpty-dumdum…

It'll all come out in The Wash, that's sure.

Wondered where all my lost socks had gone.

Er, yeah, TEFL. Maybe. Dunno. I'm thinking Manchester or Leeds at this point. Or Leicester. Or Loughborough. Some place cheap, anyway.

But still, chin pointed skywards at all time. Oh yes, sirreee.

Now where are those darn drugs…

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