Mags v. books

by Suw on August 28, 2003

Why is a box of magazines heavier than a box of the same size filled with books? Do magazines use particularly dense paper or something? Or maybe magazines have some sort of wormhole link to a parallel universe from which they suck in extra matter to bulk themselves out. Which means somewhere, an alternative me is busy packing away lots of magazines and thinking 'Hm, that's odd. How is it that all these magazines weigh so little? This box of books is so much heavier yet it's exactly the same size.'

I am a little ashamed, however, at discovering just how many copies of Scientific American I have which remain still in their wrappings, unread. There are a fair few untouched copies of New Scientist too. I just haven't had the time over the last several months to sit and read stuff. I've much to keep my eyes occupied when I get back to Dorset, though. Not to mention all those scripts I've promised to review on Zoetrope.

Wayne Hill August 28, 2003 at 2:28 pm

If you stand in front of the box of magazines and the box of books do you find yourself pulled toward the box of magazines? If so that you can conclude that the box does have more mass and gravitational pull. If you stack enough boxes of magazines you may be able to warp time thus creating a rudimentary time travel device. I think you're on to something….

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Suw August 28, 2003 at 3:07 pm

You know what's scaring me? The event horizon forming around the lip of the box… If you never hear from me again, I fear my life may have been lost.

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