Less than an hour…

by Suw on August 28, 2003

The man from NTL rang and said that he'd be here within the hour. I feel like I should go on some sort of manic downloading spree whilst I have the chance. I can't think of anything big I want to download though. So I'll just post this last entry and leave it at that.

Next time you hear from me I will have left Black Duck, the Thames, the Kennet and Blake's Lock behind. I shall no longer be complaining about how heartless Reading is, taking quick trips up to London or drooling over things I wish I had the money to buy in Muji.

Instead, I'll be staring out over the fields of east Dorset, fluffy black and white moggy curled up on my keyboard, stacks of boxes behind me. I'll be searching for a job and wondering how fast I can get my arse out of Dorset. My Mum will attempt to feed me every time I stick my head out of my office door, my Dad will attempt to engage me in conversation regarding whatever freaky new airplane he's read about in Aviation Week, or whatever. Neither will ever quite succeed as much as they would like.

Still, it could be worse.

I could be moving to Wolverhampton.

Or Swindon.

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