That's the garden done

by Suw on August 25, 2003

With the help of a couple of my neighbours, I've managed now to get the garden sorted out. Don't think it's ever looked quite so… er, “good” just isn't the right word. That garden has never looked good. Now it looks tidy, and that's about the best I can say for it. However, it's one more task done, one less reason for the landlord to stiff me over the deposit. Not that I think he would, and if he tries I'll sue his butt off, but you know, best not to give him any excuses.

So, now I have the lounge to tidy up. Trouble is, lots of the stuff in here needs sorting out, lots of paperwork and the like. Boring job. Maybe I'll start on the shredding instead – that's always fun. Plus I have all the 'I'm leaving' letters to write, which I hate to do. Should have done them already, but I've been putting them off, quelle surprise.

Ah, my bank holiday is just so exciting. Bet you're all really jealous of the fun I'm having!

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