by Suw on August 20, 2003

I started packing. Ok so I only got two boxes done, but it's two boxes less to do on the weekend. It's depressing though. Until you start packing, the move remains a theoretical possibility. Once you've got boxes stacked in the corner it becomes an unpleasant inevitability.

What's also irritating me is that my computer really only half works, and I'm not sure how the hell I'm going to get it fixed. I do worry that if I don't get it sorted by the people at G2, (where I bought the new motherboard and who seem to know what they're doing), before I go back to Dorset then I'll never get the damn thing to fixed. Currently, the CD and sound card don't appear to work properly. Well, the sound card doesn't work at all. I haven't checked the modem and the zip drive yet. Must do that tomorrow. Windows is also playing silly buggers (when doesn't it?), and refusing alternately to not open and then not close. Norton Disk Doctor hasn't worked for ages. The second HD isn't plugged in yet. And I desperately want to put a brick through the monitor out of frustration.

Gone are the days when I knew enough about puters to fix the fuckers myself.

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