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by Suw on May 29, 2003

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Ooh, I like this. Oh yes I do.

Another good idea
According to

Web guru Steve Outing has urged online publications to improve their journalistic 'talent' by scouting for bloggers.

I think that’s a fine idea, yes! Someone somewhere should pay me large amounts of money to talk shit for a living. I’m expert at it – been doing it all my life for fun, so why not do it for money? I always said that if only I could find someone willing to pay me to talk crap, I could make a small fortune.

Sadly, though, I suspect that online publications are about as capable of picking up a good blogger as Business Link are of ever making a decision.

I'm listed on Blogwise now. I've had one click and rank 4153rd. LMAO. I'd make some quip about watching my blog plummet through the ranks, but I'm not sure there's anywhere to plummet to. Anyway, Blogwise is a good idea, I think – there has to be some sort of index of blogs that does more than give you a rank and a URL.

Forgot to set the video before I went to bed last night, so missed my interview this morning. I think maybe that was my subconscious kicking in. I'm not sure that I'm not entirely happy not knowing how stupid I sounded.

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