Green mammals

by Suw on May 20, 2003

I was complaining today about the lack of green mammals in the world. I mean, green's a common colour, right? Grass is green. Trees are green. Shrubbery is green. So why no green mammals? Surely it'd make great camouflage?

Now, I know there's a sloth that has green algae growing on it, but that doesn't really count. And there was that green kitten a while back, but to be honest it looked more kinda yellow than green to me.

But now there is a green rabbit. Well, it's white in white light but under ultraviolet it fluoresces green. How cool is that? Ok, so they've done a little manipulation by adding in a jellyfish gene to create the glowing green effect, but still, it's green! Gets my thumbs up!

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