C17: Day 50 – Bobble stitch

by Suw on February 19, 2017

Today is the fiftieth day of my year of creativity, and I’m still hugely enjoying it.

Today’s stitch is bobble stitch, which is basically puff stitch on steroids. I followed the written instructions, rather than the video, and my sample looks a bit different to their photo. I think again that the cotton is too unyielding which makes the tension very tight. That said, this would be a nice stitch for a blanket, though it would use a lot of yarn!

C17 Day 50


I knew that when I started this project, there would be days where I just wouldn’t have time to get my entry done and up, and yesterday was one of those days, so today you get two stitches: Grit stitch and mixed grit stitch.

Grit stitch is so ridiculously easy, it’s just double (US: single) crochet twice, skip one and double crochet twice and so on. It produces quite a nice texture, nicer than I’d anticipated actually.

C17 Day 48

There’s a slight bulge on the right because I think I counted the foundation row wrong.

Mixed grit stitch is exactly the same, but instead of two doubles, you do a double and a treble (US: double). I really like this texture this produces, it’s lovely, and it’s a stitch I’ll definitely use again!

C17 Day 49

Again, there’s an odd bulge on the bottom right, where I must be doing something wrong although I know that the foundation row was the length it was supposed to be.


Crossed half treble (US: half double) crochet stitch crossed falls in to the category of simple but annoyingly fiddly, though part of that might have been that the yarn I’m using splits easily, which makes it harder to get the hook through the right part of the stitch.  The first row was especially irritating, but I got better as I progressed and certainly think higher quality yarn would have helped. It looks nice though, so this would be a good stitch for a scarf or blanket.

C17 Day 47


C17: Day 46 – Diamond stitch

by Suw on February 15, 2017

Today has been a long day, and possibly not a good evening to try a fiddly stitch. I thought that after last night’s success with waffle stitch, it would be nice to do diamond stitch tonight, but it took me three goes to get the first diamond row done. In part that was just because I’m tired, but also because I was watching TV and there were no written instructions and the video was awkward to watch with only subtitles. I am again reminded how useful charts are, and how invaluable well-written instructions using the right terminology. A video alone is not always the best way to teach.

C17 Day 46

So today’s swatch is a bit wonky and ragged at the bottom, but I did finally get the hang of it, even if it took me an hour to do this tiny scrap!


C17: Day 45 – Waffle Stitch

by Suw on February 14, 2017

Waffle stitch is one of those stitches that I thought would be really complicated, but it turns out to be incredibly simple. It’s just treble (US: double) stitches done either in the top of the stitch below, or around the front of the post of the stitch below. By alternating, it creates a grid pattern. Very clever!!

C17 Day 45



C17: Day 44 – Shell stitch

by Suw on February 13, 2017

I probably should have done yesterday’s starburst stitch after today’s shell stitch, as shell stitch is the upper half of a sunburst, but hindsight is 20/20! Still, it made for an easy swatch.

C17 Day 44


C17: Day 43 – Harlequin/Starburst stitch

by Suw on February 12, 2017

Bit more of a fiddly stitch this one, with lots of counting. However, whilst it’s not strictly difficult, the harlequin stitch or starburst stitch is tricky because if you don’t get your tension right, it looks lopsided.

The starburst motif is made up of two rows, so a bottom row of tr9tog – ie crochet together 9 treble (US: double) stitches and secure with a chain – and a top row of 9 trebles in that securing chain’s loop.

C17 Day 43

Ideally, you want the starburst motif to be symmetrical, but I repeatedly found that my tension on the righthand side – in the lower half of the motif formed by the first four or five trebles to be crocheted together – to be too tight, which gives you a slightly constricted look on that side. I suspect, also, that the tension on the top row of the brown below, ie treble 9 in one stitch, was also too loose, which makes the problem worse. It’s especially noticeable in the bottom half of the top lefthand pink starburst.

I would hope that a little practice and a yarn with a bit more give might fix that problem, but still, this is a more challenging stitch if you’re a perfectionist looking for a nice symmetrical look.

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C17: Day 42 – V Treble (Double) Crochet

by Suw on February 11, 2017

Another ridiculously easy stitch that produces a pleasant result, the V treble (US: double) crochet stitch is literally just two trebles in a single stitch and then skip one. It seriously couldn’t get simpler.

In my photo, though, you can see that the first few rows I just did back and forth in brown. But you really don’t see the V pattern clearly unless you use different colours, so I put in a pink row and, as you can see beneath the first pink row, I tried to carry the yarn along the row so that it was available at the other end to come back. I don’t think that looks particularly good, though. One could start the second colour at the beginning of the previous row, instead of the end, so that you then carry the brown yarn up for the return row, and do the same with the pink for next return row. That would probably be better than constantly having to tie off ends.

Still, this is a very simple but effective stitch and I can imagine doing a jumper with a couple of stripes around the bottom!

C17 Day 42

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C17: Day 41 – Picot Double (Single) Crochet

by Suw on February 10, 2017

If you can do double (single) crochet and a chain, then the picot double (single) crochet will be a piece of cake. Of course, if you can’t count, like I can’t count, your picots will end up in the wrong place.

C17 Day 41

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C17: Day 40 – Side saddle stitch

by Suw on February 9, 2017

This is the side saddle stitch, a variation on the cluster stitch which produces a very nice fabric. I rather like it!

C17: Day 40

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C17: Day 39 – Cluster stitch

February 8, 2017

Today’s stitch is cluster stitch, another easy one! The only issue I had with this stitch was that you really need a slightly stretchier yarn than cotton, and you need to make the loop of the stitch quite large so it can fit over the top of the next cluster.

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C17: Day 38 – Arcade stitch

February 7, 2017

Arcade stitch is a very pretty one, and I do like it! The written instructions aren’t very clear, but the video is better. It looks a bit wonky in the bottom left because I miscounted the number of double crochets in the that loop. Oops! However, once I got into the pattern it’s really quite simple.

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C17: Day 37 – Crossed ripple stitch

February 6, 2017

OK, the crossed ripple stitch is the first that I actively dislike. Maybe it’s that I’m tired, but I just could not get this to work out. The instructions aren’t the most detailed, but although I thought I’d got it sorted, I ended up totally the wrong number of stitches on several of the rows and have no […]

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C17: Day 36 – Cable stitch

February 5, 2017

Another really simple one today: Cable stitch. It’s really just three trebles and a fourth treble being done over each group of three into a gap left earlier (doubles in US parlance). If you want the cables to zig-zag, then repeat the same stitch on each row, but if you want the cables to all point in the same […]

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C17: Day 35 – Lemon peel stitch

February 4, 2017

I wanted something simple today and, to be honest, nothing could be simpler than Lemon Peel Stitch. It’s really just alternating double and treble crochets (UK) aka single and double crochets (US). Easy to do, easy to remember, and a moderately attractive result. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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