Word Count 21: Gates of Balawat update, anagnorisis in film endings, and The Midnight Library

October 25, 2022

Hi there, Whilst Ada Lovelace Day itself is over, I still have some last bits of admin to do to tidy everything up. Soon, one way or another, I’ll be having a change of career. I have no idea what that’s going to look like yet, mind you. I’ve already started doing basic prep for […]

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Word Count 20: Ri Fiction Lab, making ideas happen, BBC Writers’ Room Open Call

October 18, 2022

Hi there, It’s Tuesday morning and I’m slightly regretting saying that I’d be back to my normal weekly routine from this week. Ada Lovelace Day went very well last Tuesday and I got all my post-event admin done by lunchtime on Friday at which point I stuck the Out of Office on and kicked back. […]

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Word Count 19: Script submitted, a slight greenish tint to that light over there, and snuggly kittens

October 11, 2022

Hi there, Today is Ada Lovelace Day and I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work, so this newsletter is another short one. Back to normal next week though! Suw’s news 1: Thank you for submitting your script! Despite the vast amounts of prep required for Ada Lovelace Day, I managed to rewrite my pilot script […]

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Word Count 18: Script rewrite progress, The Last Hours and The Turn of Midnight, why “microhistories” rock, and What Are You Laughing At?

September 27, 2022

Hi there, This time of year is always flat out. Ada Lovelace Day is just two weeks away, and I have a ton of final preparations still to do. This, of course, is going to be the last year that my summer is dominated by ALD, and I can’t say that I’m sad. It’s been […]

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Word Count 17: Do you have your stories straight? How to take notes, and Copurrnicus featured on My Cat’s Tail

September 13, 2022

Hi there, Summer is drawing to a close and finally we have rain. We’ve also had our first BBQ of the summer and started to let Copurrnicus explore the garden a little. I’m sure that he and I will have a lot of conversations about my inability to stop it raining in future. Suw’s news […]

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Word Count 16: Script editing, giving feedback, Scriptnotes’ VFX deep dive

August 30, 2022

Hi there, Welcome to this week’s Word Count! I’ve decided to shift this newsletter to a fortnightly schedule in the run up to the final Ada Lovelace Day (and if you like science and tech, get your free tickets here). Much as I love writing this newsletter, I need to make sure that I get […]

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Word Count 15: Recuperation, The Cut, The Appeal, design in screenwriting, John M Ford and Cici’s kittens

August 23, 2022

Hi there, Last week, I took everyone’s advice and did as much of nothing as I possibly could. My four Pfizer jabs, (the US offered a second booster to the over-50s just before I left), have stood me in good stead and my experience of Covid has been no worse than a bad cold, although […]

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Word Count 14: The one where Suw has Covid

August 16, 2022

Hi there, Well, today sucks. I’m writing this Sunday morning because I just tested positive for Covid and I might not feel up to it later. My temperature is also creeping up, so I also have a fever to look forward to later today. When it’s 33C outside. And already 29c in our bedroom. This […]

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Word Count 13: Change of career on the way, Hayley McKenzie on scripts and story editing, how WiPs make you more productive, and the very, very pregnant Cici

August 9, 2022

Hi there, It’s been another week of unpacking, sorting, putting things into storage and, because we clearly do not have enough stuff, visiting my Mum and picking up some of my late Dad’s belongings. You know, the usual stuff you inherit, like a vintage oscilloscope. I have absolutely no idea how it works or what I’m […]

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Word Count 12: Arthur C Clarke Award news, short story tips and a very young Grabbity

August 2, 2022

Hi there, This week’s newsletter is a bit shorter than normal, due to the absolute chaos currently reigning in our house now that our belongings have been delivered from America. I have my desk and computer set up but am sitting in the middle of a sea of boxes with little idea where everything’s going […]

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Word Count 11: And the winner is…, the Passion Economy, Natalie Lue on her blogging business and the history of the paragraph

July 26, 2022

Hi there, It is blissfully cool today as the weather normalises after the intense heatwave we had last week. In our garden, the mercury hit 41.4C in the sun and 37C in the shade. At one point, our bedroom was 34C, and pretty much all we could do was lie there and sweat. Never have […]

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Word Count 10: Comedy Basic, getting your bucket right, choose a perk, and meet Holly’s Merry Moggies

July 19, 2022

Hi there, It’s hot here in the UK. Very hot. Really very extremely hot. And Grabbity is making it toastier by insisting on having a cuddle. By the time you read this newsletter, it will be brain-meltingly hot and even Grabbity will be wanting a cold shower. If you’re in affected by this ridiculous heatwave, I hope that […]

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Word Count 9: Developing character relationships, 1,000 True Fans, WattPad news and more!

July 12, 2022

Hi there, This week, I’ve been fiddling around with Kittl, a graphic design website that’s a bit like Canva, but for logos and lettermarks. I’m not sure that this is the final logo, but it’s a start. We’ll see how it evolves as I get to know what Kittl can do and play around with […]

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Word Count 8: Submission to Gollancz, the Crapification of Literary Contracts, Mark Edwards’ writing life, Saving the World vs Kissing the Girl, BookTok hurts authors, and the Archers.

July 5, 2022

Hi there, Happy Tuesday! This week, I am trying to get back into a regular working and writing rhythm after six months of disruption during our move from the US back to the UK. Our belongings aren’t likely to arrive until early August, but I can’t wait until I get my desk to resume my writing habit. […]

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Word Count 7: Story indecision, Invisible Women, an innovative book marketing campaign and CokeZero

June 28, 2022

Hi there, Last week, I was congratulating myself on making a swift decision to book a spot on a script editing course. This week, I am vacillating over whether to take Robert McKee’s three-day Story and one-day Comedy courses in November. McKee’s book Story is a classic of the story analysis genre and his in-person […]

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